July 28, 2016


  • Uber Directions to Venue

    Parking is limited and may be non-existant


  • Our Venue: Scripps Seaside Forum

    Our venue is a beautiful college auditorium at Scripps Seaside Forum. It will be indoor-outdoor with some grass outside. The ceremony and reception will be at the same place. There may be some street parking, but we recommend you take an Uber/Lyft or the shuttle from Hotel La Jolla. If you are staying there, you can request that the shuttle come back to pick you up, or call the hotel for the shuttle, too. 
    Here's a link to the venue if you're curious:

  • Hotels We Recommend

    Our ceremony and reception will be at the same venue. It's a college auditorium (not a hotel), so we recommend these two hotels for your stay. 

    Hotel La Jolla
    7955 La Jolla Shores Drive
    La Jolla, CA, 92037 
    Reservations: (858)-459-0261
    *Free Shuttle to our Venue

    Catamaran Resort 
    3999 Mission Boulevard
    San Diego CA 92109
    Reservations: 858.488.1081 
    *Great for a longer stay (steps to our apartment)

    ***Parking at our venue is extremely limited, so we recommend taking an Uber or Lyft.***